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Let Us Help You Answer Any Questions You Have

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions


How do I calculate the area of tiling I need?

The simple equation is Length (m) x Width (m)

e.g. The length of the room is 2.5m and the width is 2m the area will be (2.5 x 2) 5m

Please consult the TTA Essential Tiling Guide before you begin your project


How many bags of adhesive I will require?

A professional tiler, providing the floor is level should get 4m2 of coverage from a 20kg bag.

Therefore 16m2 will require 4 bags of adhesive.

Please consider an unlevel floor will require more adhesive and consideration should be taken into account for spillages especially on large floors.

Please consult the TTA Essential Tiling Guide before you begin your project

Adhesive Colours

How do I choose what colour adhesive I require?

Generally adhesive comes in two colours – White or Grey.

Should you decide to choose a porous tile that is light in colour, you may see the adhesive trail marks faintly through the tile when using a grey adhesive, therefore a white adhesive should be chosen. Again should you decide to opt for a light coloured grout, a white adhesive should be chosen for the same reason.


How do I know how much grout I require?

A professional tiler should get 20m2 of tiling grouted with a 10kg bag of grout with joints of approx. 4-6mm wide and 4-6mm deep. The rule of thumb is approx. 2m2 (2 meters square) to 1kg of grout.

TTA PDF Download

Please feel free to download the TTA Essential Tiling Guide, for any information you may require that is not listed on our site.


Can I tile on any surface?

No. Please consult the TTA Essential Tiling Guide before you begin your project


What tile adhesive is right for my project?

The three main considerations are

i) the sizes and material of tiles you have chosen.

ii) the substrate you a fixing the tiles to.

iii) the environment the tiles will sit on and be in.


Should the substrate have a tendency to flex or move and be constructed from a timber material a flexible adhesive will most certainly be required, underfloor heating will cause the area to expand and contract with heat change, therefore again flexible adhesive should be considered. Should the substrate be a solid concrete bed, be located internally, no underfloor heating and using 600mm x 600mm ceramic tiles, then a standard non flexible adhesive should be fine. Every installation is different, therefore take into account the three considerations above and you should be able to select the correct adhesive.


How will the consignment arrive?

The consignment will be packaged onto a timber pallet and wrapped in shrinkwrap. This is not waterproof and therefore the product must be stored in a dry environment. The delivery will unload the pallet from the back of the delivery truck and leave the pallet on site after receiving a signature.


How long will delivery take from order?

The delivery will take no longer than 48 hours from the day after order. Should the order be placed before 11.00am Mon – Weds, the delivery may take less than 48 hours from time of order.

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