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About Essex based Tile Adhesive Direct, suppliers of the best adhesive, grout & leveller.
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A Little Bit About Our History

Our family has been involved in the tiling industry for 3 generations, spanning back to the early 1960’s. Having owned various tile shops along the way, we have imported tiles from all over Europe, distributing to various suppliers around the UK. We have maintained strong relationships with leading manufacturers of tile adhesive during this time, working with many of the different brands that are available today.

We often recognised the shock on customers faces, when, after spending considerable amounts of money on tiles, to be quoted sometimes just as much for the adhesive and grout to fix them with. More often than not, tile shops knew that tiles couldn’t be sold without the adhesive and inflated prices as there was no other option.

This is where our idea was born, to offer customers a fairer proposition to complete their installation. We aim to provide competitive pricing, together with accessible information, to assist you in completing your project, whether a professional tiler or DIY enthusiast. Our priority is to provide you with a reliable service that can deliver to your doorstep within days, with the knowledge you have selected the right product.


We aim to always deliver the most competitive price for our customers, offering expert industry knowledge to help you make the best decision


We take pride in what we can deliver for our clients
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